Writing Samples

Writing Incorporating Research

Avoiding Moderator Burnout _ Joelle Edouard.pdf

This sample was written to synthesize research on moderator burnout in order to justify the creation of microlearning to support the well-being of moderators within a Facebook community.

The Power of Names in Your Classroom _ Joelle Edouard.pdf

This short article was written to provide my graduate learners with background on the issue of using their students' names appropriately and pronouncing them correctly. While it is aimed at teachers, it is an issue that applies to every organization that values diversity and respect.

Writing for Instruction

This sample showcases my writing in the context of a short branching scenario. While it it not fully fleshed-out (as it was used to test out the platform), it still provides insight into my ability to write in a more conversational, sometimes humorous, tone.


Two book covers. One reads, A True Celebration, and the other reads, The Holiday Party.

From time to time, I write short stories for adults with low literacy for World Reader, a nonprofit organization that promotes family literacy. In addition to giving me an opportunity to make a difference in the world, this allows me to be creative, as I must balance creating story lines that would appeal to adults while keeping the vocabulary and sentence structure within a level that keeps the story within their zone of proximal development. You can view some examples by clicking this link to BookSmart.